Friday, 19 September 2014

And breath......(and sniffle!)

So we've reached the end of the summer, and the end of the cricket season, at last. We have one more match at the weekend, and this is not a competitive match. The whole family will play (except me, obviously!) as it's a memorial match and the opposition are the family and friends of a young player who sadly lost his life in an accident some years ago. It's not a sad day, it's a day for memories and seeing old friends and enjoying a few beers, a barbecue and some fun together.

But of course it never really ends, the indoor net sessions have already started and the trials for County Cricket start this week. I thought the pressure would be off this year as Number 1 son will be away at Uni (gulp) when his age group trial and Number 2 son is now at the age where (in Norfolk) they don't have a County team - something to do with it being exam year I think. However Number 2 went off on Wednesday to launch an assault on the under 17's and, would you believe it, Little Miss went last night to trial for the girls Under 13's! She's not very good (or that interested if truth be told) but she doesn't like to be left out and there are very few girls playing cricket, so you never know!

I have failed miserably to keep on top of the garden, as I have every other year before this one! I harvested all the remaining carrots, the parsnips seem to be all leaves and not much else, the beetroot has been pickled and I've had quite a few tomatoes - despite the tiny grow bags and pots and lack of canes.

I'm extremely happy to be eating a few home grown potatoes...especially as I didn't plant any!
We are having a good harvest of fruit, mainly because little effort is required. The pear & almond tarts have gone down a treat, I'll stash a few in the freezer - I love a good tart/cake/pudding/pastry!

The weeding has completely lost me and there's a lot of work needs doing, The Builder should be available to help (and maybe fix that broken window which he "strimmed" earlier in the year and which remains shattered) I may try to tidy it up before winter know....I've lost momentum!

I've also lost momentum in blogging, both writing and reading - too much on my mind it seems. The start of High School for Little Miss has gone as smoothly as it could,
 and the move to university for Number 1 happens next Tuesday. 
I am, at the moment swaying between excitement for him and a wobbly lip
 at the thought of leaving him there! 
I may book a weekend away for The Builder and I, and it may or may not be in the direction of Loughborough! 
I've told Number 1 that I'm planning to visit him every weekend, just so he doesn't get lonely.....he gives me an odd look which says a tiny percentage of him thinks I just might!
 I have packed umpteen tins of baked beans and a frying pan, not sure if he needs much else?
 I've bought him a new duvet and lovely bed linen - he thought I'd gone mad! 
Wish me luck, I'll have a handbag full of tissues!

And Number 2 son, ah what can I say? He remains the same, arguing with me at every opportunity, as I said before, I really must "stop being such an idiot"...apparently!
 This year will be full of exams for him so I'll be investing in a hard hat!

We finished the "big job" which The Builder has been on all Summer and which has caused us a good deal of worry and stress, I had hoped to start spending the profit on my hidden "must do" list but unfortunately funds don't stretch to even half way down the list. We can invest in a new boiler and some garden fencing, essential but not really what I had in mind - I actually wanted a carpet, the outside of the house painted and some pretty new china - we're lucky Number 1 is leaving as we don't have enough plates to eat together any more!

We've also had an issue with a neighbour which has been rumbling for several years. It's really got to me now and, as is always the case, the person who shouts the loudest gets heard - I must remember to shout louder in future! As The Builder says it's very difficult to reason with an unreasonable person!

But in amongst all of the above there have been some lovely moments to brighten my days, emails from fellow bloggers always put a smile on my face and there are many of you out there who I'd love to have a night out on the tiles with. I received a card from Tammy, .....just because; and a gift from Kylie which put a smile on several faces!
 If you don't really understand cricket just enlarge the tea towel and read the print, it'll all become clear!!

I also unexpectedly received a couple of vouchers, one for coffee and cake for two (I love cake, did I mention that?) and the other for a spa day, a gift from our Kiwi cricketer who has now moved out of the garage and is on his way home - he's already asked if we'll have him back next year. 
Would it be rude to say "yes only if I can have another spa day voucher!?

So I will be back soon, we're trying to slow down and enjoy life a bit more, I went for a massage yesterday (it was free - I love a freebie almost as much as I love a good cake!)  
and have lined up a few theatre nights out in Norwich. 
The Builder has agreed to come with me to see To Kill A Mockingbird - one of my favourites and the weird lady from cricket is coming with me to see Lord Of The Flies, the Matthew Bourne version - so that'll be interesting and I'm sure very entertaining!

See you all soon


  1. Oh Jay, so much going on in your life, no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed. Come up to Glasgow if you need a weekend away from it all!
    Your vegetable and fruit look great, and harvesting potatoes when none have been planted is surely miraculous. Everybody gets fed up with their garden by July. I do.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for number ones move to Loughborough. Cx

    1. Yay a weekend in Glasgow....I'm on my way!

  2. So much happening for your family, lots of changes and transitions, not the easiest of times. Put one foot in front of the other, remember to breath.....that's all you can do really, things have a way of working themselves out. Oh and ignore teenage son and yes you can't reason with someone who is unreasonable! The veg by the way looks delicious....and look at those tomatoes! :) xxx

  3. Hello, just catching up on my commenting. I have been reading your posts though. Sounds as though you have a lot going on there right now and a lot that needs your attention coming up too. No wonder your mind might be a little awry. I hope that the memorial cricket match goes well and that you can find some fun in the remembering and sharing of good times together with your friends. A new boiler is no fun, but at least you have the funds to deal with it which is good as a cold winter would be no fun would it. Some of the supermarkets have some nice china about at the moment so perhaps you could get some new plates that are in budget from one of them so that at least you can all eat together! I hope that it all works out. Great harvest by the way, I didn't grow anything this year, so you have way more than me!!! xx

  4. Missed you blogging, glad you're back. It is emotional when your child ( and they'll always be a child to you) goes off to University. We were living in Turkey and had to put our daughter on a flight back to the States when she started. We both cried. Didn't get to see her till Christmas break.
    Hope you get a weekend away, you need things like that.

  5. Whoah! Steady on there! You are on overload at the moment, but it will settle. Gosh, No 1 off to Uni - don't worry, the angst and the worry will pass - you'll be fine!!! He of course will have the time of his life.
    I hope you manage some time away, you and the Mister - please - don't go to Loughborough, he will be ALL RIGHT!! Go and forget you are parents for a day or so. Lxx

    1. I know Lynne, he'll be fine! Just got to get tomorrow over with!

  6. I'd love to know you in real life Jay ! Can you let yourself have a treat as you deserve it ? ! Oh yes.. the massage !

    Hate neighbour stuff & we've had stuff over the years !

    Try to relax & let it all happen it will & does. Enjoy the shows.

    Would love to "talk" on emails...


  7. Ooh, I'm VERY envious of your plums, I do wish I had space for a couple of plum trees. Well, a whole orchard actually, but, you know, a little tree would do. I shall have to try some pear tarts and things, we seem to have plenty this year. Good luck to Number 1, it's a big transition for you both. I don't like to think about such things. And I hope Little Miss gets on well at High School. We are staring down the barrel of secondary school here, it's open day next week, then time to apply. Eek. I'm scared. I really sympathise with your neighbour problem. We have one too, it is very unpleasant and quite draining. Constant pressure. I do hope yours, well, goes away or something. Wishing you a very good weekend. CJ xx

  8. Hope everything goes ok next Tuesday. We have survived a week post uni drop off and, in the main, it has been better than I'd expected i.e. I haven't been in floods of tears all the time..just now and again!
    My blogging had a break too - just a week or so - like you, I had too much on my mind. It was good to get writing again yesterday.
    Will be thinking of you on Tuesday and the days after xx

  9. I hope Tuesday goes well for all of you; such exciting times for No.1 and a big change for everyone.
    My blogging is very feeble at the moment; I just don't seem to have the time to sit in front of the computer. I can spend hours on my iphone or ipad but I find it hard to blog on anything other than the PC and it's a real effort to slog upstairs and dedicate time to it. Must make more of an effort though.
    Hope the neighbour problems are soon resolved; must be very hard for you :(

  10. Good luck with the neighbor, and the garden recovery. My garden is a MESS, too. In fact, that's tomorrow's job.
    Enjoy the end of the cricket season. HOpefully it's very memorable, despite the sad backdrop of that boy's death.

  11. Great idea to have a few good things lined up to be doing in the near future. And if cake is included then it's a bonus,
    Hope the cricket trials go as well as they can for those involved.
    Good luck with the list of jobs!
    Lisa x

  12. Making gorgeous tarts like that while coping with other stuff too? amazing..x

  13. The Pear Tarts look delicious. And such great tomatoes. Wonder where all those potatoes came from? It sounds like your children are all wonderfully normal. Glad you getting out for some entertainment. I like seeing old movies with girlfriends. Have fun!

  14. Your garden produce looks so good there is nothing like home grown food. I loved reading about the game of cricket is played! Hope you didn't forget the tissues today.
    Sarah x

  15. The spuds look just the ticket. How have they grown then do you think??
    I won't show kevin your Toms, despite putting loadsa money and time into his plot its been poor pickings.
    Yes the indoor thing - do'nt you just hate that/ we have that with soccer too, it just goes on and on and on...

    1. I guess it must be the potato peelings from my compost bin Jody, still it's great as they were free and no work involved!

  16. Always a lot going on for you and your family just have a break from the blog. As I posted a few weeks ago these blogs are meant to be fun and when it's feeling like a job or there are 'real life' things to enjoy then the blog can sit pretty for a while.

    Victoria x

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