Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter time and beyond

A slightly late Happy Easter to all, we've had some pretty good weather for it in our neck of the woods, I hope you have too.

The school holidays seem to have flown by in a flurry of activities and sadly work too, and Number 1 son went back to college today and should start the final countdown to his A levels, Little Miss is back to school tomorrow and Number 2 son doesn't go back until next Monday - just to add to my state of confusion!

Everyone has enjoyed the break though, all except The Builder who I've just realised has been to work every day for two weeks straight, not all day every day but for a part of it at least - I think he needs a rest!

Easter was a little different for us this year as, for a good many years we've been invited to join the Easter Egg hunt at a friends house in the village, I've mentioned it before, it's enormous and slightly "different". Most of the family are as mad as a box of frogs and you never know what to expect, one year at least two chocolate eggs were put in a rowing boat and pushed out into the river - only to be reached by a good swimmer!! And Easter isn't always warm as you know! However this year when I was forced to enquire (forced by 3 very persistent voices) I was told there would be no hunt this year - shock, horror and massive disappointment to the three hunters who had hoped to return home with the usual mountain of chocolate and slip into a sugar induced coma for the rest of the day. Added to that not one member of the extended family gave the kids any Easter eggs this year, I'm not quite sure what happened but only my Mum gave then some mini eggs, obviously the Easter bunny had left a little something outside their doors but there was a definite air of despondence all around.

On Easter Sunday, after a very yummy roast the Builder and I went for a long walk, it was a lovely evening but I only had my little camera and the pictures don't do the scenery justice. (and can't you tell I'm getting a bit carried away with this photo collage thing?!)
We saw a swan nesting and watched the sun go down over the marshes.
On Easter Monday the Builder went on a scavenger hunt of his own and came back from Tesco with bags full of half price chocolate eggs, we needed to devise our own hunt for the first time ever!
The kids were dispatched to the cricket pitch for the annual spring clean and spruce up
while we hid the eggs. We tried to be inventive in view of what they'd had in previous years, sadly we have no boating lake or river running through our back garden!
We did our best and at one point decided to put a couple of eggs in the old pigeon's nest high up in the holly tree, it transpired that the nest is back in use and was already full of pigeon eggs! The Builder almost fell off his ladder as mummy pigeon flapped away in a hurry!

 It was a fun afternoon, I think they enjoyed it anyway; and maybe it's better to do our
own hunt instead of relying on the madhouse down the road
(they once hid miniature bottle of whiskey with the eggs, and the average age of the hunters was around 11!!)
And just to end on a very Spring like view which I'm enjoying at the moment,
£2 for 3 big bunches on the market.


I've really loved reading everyone else's Easter posts, I've not had much chance to comment
on every one but I'm still there, lurking about!
Have a good week.


  1. Your walk sounds blissful. Swans nest if the funnies places, there is a pair that nests literally on the tow path near our house. It makes for nervous joggers. Easter is always very low key in my family, largely because I can't be bothered these days. Nor do we have a mad family around the corner to rely upon (or not) for an Easter egg hunt. Or at least we are not invited, probably because we are just too weird. I am glad you had a fun egg hunt all the same, if maybe a bit less adventurous.I usually make beautifully decorated boiled eggs but not this year. My oldest took it upon himself to hide small eggs all around the garden (being to cool to search for eggs he says). This was fun. Apart from the lack of massive amounts of chocolate we had a lovey weekend. Enjoy the rest of the week! xx

  2. Your Easter sounded lovely Jay. The roast lamb looks very yummy and my absolute favourite. After hectic days there's nothing like going fir an evening stroll, best part of the day I think especially when the sky is lit up by a beautiful sunset. x

  3. I have enjoyed hearing about your eggciting egg hunts in previous years. Your home-made one sounds just as fun. It was lucky that builders hunt was so successful, I had heard there was a shortage of eggs this year! Sarah x

  4. I'm glad your kids got to enjoy an egg hunt.

  5. Your Easter sounds and looks brilliant! It's nice seeing photos of your yard and beautiful surroundings there! We had a nice Easter but I didn't get photos of any chocolate or of our Easter hunt but I did get a photo of a Swan, a lovely black one :-) Mel x

  6. I'm a bit of a fan of photo collages - got carried away myself today. That leg of lamb looks huge, by the way.

    Good luck for the A level countdown. I will be with you every step of the way!

  7. My husband hides eggs for me and one year, like this year, it rained so much they all but floated away.
    Your lamb looks incredible!!!

  8. I love your collages, especially that one of the Easter walk, it's lovely. I'm encouraged that teens like egg hunts so much! I worried that my two would grow out of it too soon but it seems I'm going to have to up my game when they get older. x

  9. Looks like you had a fun Easter. At least your hubby found the eggs. I sent mine to get a couple and he said they had none. Turned out he missed the whole Easter aisle!

  10. Your hunt sounds fantastic, I'm glad they had such fun. The other hunt sounds different! Tell that builder of yours to be careful shinning up ladders. And I do hope he's able to have some proper time off soon or he'll be old before his time. I hope you're having a good week. CJ xx

  11. Sounds like lots of fun! Good luck with the A level countdown - stress all round! X

  12. Having done Easter egg hunts for years while the kids were little I feel a bit lost now as I do for Christmas stocking filling these days.
    Good to hear you got to do yours ( if a bit different from past years !!! )
    Easter day was lovely but husband was sailing all weekend & tired out getting home on account of being fifty & up against 30yr olds !

  13. The children had a fab time I'm sure with your Easter hunt, there's chocolate involved so it's bound to be a hit!
    I'm so far behind I haven't even done my Easter post yet. One day I'll be organised, just not sure when!
    Lisa x

  14. Wow how fun on the past easter egg hunts -that's really pushing the boat out!! haha! at least then you'e earned your choccy. Love your collages! they are perfect, must action some myself! Hope all is well!

  15. Your collages are awesome,Jay....really!
    Glad you got your own Easter egg hunt organized...
    Nothing like family time♥️
    Hope the Builder gets some down-time.....
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)