Friday, 22 November 2013

Ooh where to start?

Hello, I've got behind again! Where exactly has November gone? I was worrying this week as there seems to be a lot of month left at the end of my money! But then I was reminded that it's pretty much the end of the month, how on earth did that happen?

There is so much to catch up on, I've missed reading all the blogs I follow and definitely haven't found time to blog hop around and discover any new ones. I had so much I wanted to blog about but it's old news now really.

I'll do a recap - for my own benefit as much as anything - I seem to have a very foggy brain these days!

Firstly I mentioned how nervous I was about doing the talk for the local Rotary Club but never said how it went. I think it was ok, the feedback was fine afterwards but it could have been out of sympathy as I started my speech with a lot of " I've never done this before...." "Please bear with me..." "I'm no expert on the subject..."
Anyway they were a friendly bunch and only teased me once when I pointed out Gambia on a map of Africa. As it's so small someone was surprised and said "Really?" not really meaning to question me but due to my lack of confidence I then became very unsure and stumbled along muttering "Well I think that's where it is....!" Obviously I DO know where the country I was booked to talk about  is but I think as soon as any questions were asked I went into frightened rabbit mode! I don't think I'll be volunteering to do it again though, despite the free meal!

I also took myself off on a trip to Exeter in Devon to visit my Gran. I did her a disservice in the previous post; she's 93 not 94! I had a hellish trip due to problems on the M25. I'd been told to avoid it but I think I stuck my fingers in my ears and hoped for the best. Sadly the best did not happen! As I approached the M25 lots of flashing signs told me it was closed for a stretch, after sitting in traffic for a while I cleverly asked the SatNav to re-route me avoiding the M25! What I didn't realise was that as I was so close to London it re-routed me right through the middle of the city! Terrified does not come near, that and the need for the loo added to my discomfort! If I could have ditched the car and run off into the distance I would have done, as it was my position in the middle lane on the extremely busy north circular made a getaway difficult!

I eventually walked through Gran's door after driving (or sitting in traffic) 9 hours later. Never let it be said that I was defeated by a simple 6 hour journey!!

Gran lives in a little terrace up a steep hill, no wonder she's kept so fit! The house hasn't changed a great deal since she bought it nearly 70 years ago!

It was a nice visit but sad in some ways as Gran isn't as sprightly as she was, she was a little forgetful and not as able to walk as she was. That may sound obvious but in her late 80's she could walk for miles and wear me out! We managed a couple of trips to see the sea and a couple of meals - despite losing ourselves trying to get from her house to the local pub/restaurant (too much chatter may have been to blame, I couldn't possibly say).

A trip to Exmouth where we admired the view from a little café.
You can just see Gran in the café window
I also managed to cut Gran's hair, not exactly a re-style but I did my best. In her younger days she owned a hairdressing salon and Grandad owned the barber's next door. After he died she ran both for a while before retiring.
When I first left school I trained as a beauty therapist and somewhere along the way she had confused the two. She asked if I'd give her a trim and I did explain that I wasn't a hairdresser and could take her to a salon but no she was insistent I did it. Several times she laughed and said
 I probably didn't have many clients these days did I?
Erm,  that would be none!
I ended up agreeing that I was in fact a hairdresser as I didn't want to correct her any more! I did my best but was a little stumped when she asked for a layered bob! I just used a ruler and cut straight across the back - that's about right isn't it?? 
It was over far too quickly and I was sad to leave her all alone, no family live anywhere near so it's not often she has a guest to stay. She does have friends though and she tries to get out and about.
Little Miss also had a gymnastics competition a couple of weeks back where she won a gold medal for her floor routine. That takes us through to a regional competition on Sunday. We're very proud of her but the 90 minute drive for a 3 minute routine isn't something I'm looking forward to but hey ho, grin and bear it!!
I have been without internet for nearly a week due to a new suppliers incompetence (boy did I lose my temper!) and then our email account was hacked for the second time this year! This time I was recommending all my contacts try a weight loss supplement, a little better than my letter begging for money I suppose! A couple of slightly larger friends took offence at this most recent mail though!! As if I'd really send that!
I will try to catch up with everyone's blogs once again over the weekend, I'm missing it!
Have a great weekend, try to stay warm if you're in the UK.


  1. Lovely to hear your news. These pictures are from my neck of the woods!

  2. Ugh, I got stuck for 4 hours on the M40 last week - not very nice at all is it - but glad you got there eventually and had a good time with your Gran.
    Happy weekend,

  3. Im sorry for the poopy drive... ugh to the 9 hours... but... I'm so glad you got to see your nan, I bet she has the most amazing stories!!
    I love reading your blog and seeing how you are so it was nice catching up!!
    Have a great weekend,
    Tammy xx

  4. 9 hours is a long time to do anything you like, much less wasting them in traffic. But your visit sounds delightful. Good luck to your daughter!

  5. Sorry but had to giggle about the weight loss email !

    That must have been one horrible drive .. London !!! I'm so glad I don't drive ! I'm rubbish at navigating too - one took my friends into Exeter ( funnily enough ) instead of a campsite on the outskirts !
    Your Gran sounds super and now she has a smart new haircut x

  6. Wow, what an epic journey, I bet you were shattered, but it sounds like you had a lovely time when you were there. I sympathise with the London detour. We've done it 3 or 4 times helping daughter move flats and driving past all the familiar landmarks is quite surreal! The traffic lights often only let a couple of cars through at a time so it can take ages :( Don't know how Londoners manage. xx

  7. How lucky you are to still have your Gran, even if she is getting a little forgetful around the edges. The idea of driving through London would send me into cardiac arrest!

  8. That sounds a nightmare of a journey hope it was better on the way back! Your Gran sounds amazing, Exmouth looks lovely too. She must have enjoyed your visit.
    Sarah x

  9. Oh my commiserations, Jay on your M25 mishap. And yes, terrifying to have to drive through London - and we find it upsets the lady in the satnav going through a big city - she gets confused and you can easily get lost. But you got there! I did laugh about your 'hairdressing' experience , my mum is a year or two younger than your nan, but they sound very similar. I bet she loved you being there. L

  10. Your journey sounds terrifying - I did the same thing recently, ironically going to visit a friend in Bury St Edmunds which is almost your neck of the woods. The traffic on the M25 was so bad, I decided to go through London, didn't see the signs for the congestion charge zone and got fined £90 for non-payment. Imagine the Shah's joy!

  11. How lovely of you to give it a go with regard to the hairdo! bet she was pleased..well done.

  12. Your journey to see your Gran sounds hideous. I take my hat off to you for coping with that. Love the photos of the beach huts and seaside.
    Hope work is going ok. I'm with you about Nov passing in the blink of an eye, it's been hectic!
    Well done to Little Miss on her gym result, hope the competition went well,
    Lisa x