Monday, 4 February 2013

A tour upstairs

I thought I'd better do a housey post before everyone thinks our cottage is just
infested with mice, birds and bats etc!
It's not all doom and gloom, we've not found anymore creatures sharing the cottage with us,
not yet anyway!
Well apart from these.... I ventured out to a local discount store last week as they had a guinea pig hutch reduced to half price (slight shop damage). And Little Miss's gunea pigs have lived indoors for a year now (and their spilled food is probably what attracted the mice).
 I thought it was about time they went to live outside.
It's a lovely 2 up 1 down hutch, and they seem to have settled into it well.
I didn't bargain for this though.....
terrible picture taken on my ancient phone
Even the builder has gone soft in his old age and agreed with Little Miss
 that it's really too cold for them outside just yet.
So I thought I'd show a couple of rooms which have been decorated more recently, we renovated the cottage originally about 20 years ago but at that time there were just 2 of us and we didn't anticipate filling it with children. In fact we weren't sure at that time whether we'd have any children at all!
Over the years the house has changed dramatically, rooms have changed use, been divided, knocked through to be made bigger and additions have been made to the building.

Little Miss spent much of her time on Sunday sorting her room and was very keen to show it off.
She cleared away a lot of junk and sorted some things for the charity shop.
Then we re-arranged the furniture, she was adamant we move it but I wasn't sure it would work. It's not a bad size room but it's very awkward. A radiator and chimney breast are on opposite walls which restricts what will fit there and on the other 2 walls there are windows, very low windows which means nothing will fit under them.
However I think her plan worked, I see a future in interior design for her!

And of course there has to be a cricket room! Number 2 son had his bedroom done a couple of years ago when we remodelled the room. It had previously been our bedroom but had to be divided into a smaller room and a hallway when we added the extension.
And as he's cricket mad it was decorated on that theme (with just a hint of The Simpsons!).

It's hard to catch his room when it's not a complete mess, he really is the most untidy boy on the planet! Again he has a very low window and a chimney breast
which makes arranging the furniture difficult.
So there's a little insight, we're not living in a mice infested hovel, well not all the time!


  1. Nice to see an insight into your lovely home. The children's rooms you have shown look so tidy!Little Miss's room looks fantastic. I like the way she has rearranged her furniture. Both of my children used to frequently changed their furniture around and they still do in their new homes. Have you told your family about your blog now?
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, they're not often tidy that's for certain. I quietly mentioned on holiday in October that I was thinking of writing a blog (!) and no one has really asked about it although they've seen the title of it when I didn't shut down the computer one day. Not sure if they've actually read any of it!

  2. I agree with Sarah - it's nice to see inside your home. KP's room is tiny and we can't fit a wardrobe in there or else it would engulf the room - she has two chest of drawers which were fine when she was small as all her clothes were small too! Now though it is a real problem and we've had to put some hooks up on the back of her door and behind the door - awkward shaped rooms are a nuisance!

    1. All our rooms are awkward and none of the walls are straight - I like it quirkey but it's such a nuisance to decorate and furnish - we could never have wallpaper!

  3. They both have lovely rooms full, personalised just for them with their own likes and loves.
    I have a boy here who could rival yours for untidiness, it drives me mad!
    I love the big mirror in Little Miss's room and the tall chest of drawers in your sons. I am very nosey and enjoyed the peek into your happy family filled home!
    Lisa x

  4. I love insights into other peoples homes (yes very nosey!).
    The mirror in Little Miss's room was from a furniture sale £10 & was very orange pine when we bought it. Not that cheap as I insisted we buy an old fireplace to go under it, that cost £55 and caused a lot of mess and cursing from the husband! Chest of drawers was made by a friend when we moved into our first house in 1986, it's since been painted but still very sturdy.
    The untidiness today in his room has reached epic proportions - he'll run out of clean pants by wednesday!

  5. Lovely tidy rooms. I bet they won't stay like that for long. I used to despair at the mess in my girls' rooms! xx

  6. Little Miss's room is so sweet and gorgeous. Reminds me of my room when I was a little girl!

  7. What lovely bedrooms - so lovingly done. Good luck with the guinea pigs - my sister used to keep all sorts of animals - it's really put me off - but glad your little ones can enjoy them!

  8. wow! Both your kids' bedrooms are so nicely done! Lots of pink for your daughter, I see! :D

    1. After 2 boys I was in my element decorating in pink for Little Miss; however her favourite colour now seems to be navy blue!

  9. Lovely rooms! The pink one looks like little girl's paradise :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. I love the pink room. My favorite color!