Saturday, 15 December 2012

A little Christmas sparkle!

Well last night was my Big Christmas Night Out - an evening with the book club ladies. Our dress theme for this year was Hollywood Glamour, partly because of the hotel we had chosen this year, The Beechwood Hotel, has links to Agatha Christie. Hollywood being a bit of a tenuous link I know!
The hotel and it's staff were perfect, it's a very interesting hotel.
Anway I had put together an outfit, dress from ebay, fur cape from a friend along with long, black velvet gloves but I did treat myself to the perfect piece of jewellery.

 A new ring with a diamond cluster the size of a dinner plate!
The metal is silver coloured so I'm assuming it's platinum, the label didn't say. It's a little large so I had to wind an elastoplast around it to stop it slipping! The lady in the store was bemused when I asked if it could be made smaller so I guess the elastoplast stays.
Anyway it suited the outfit perfectly and a girl can never have too many diamonds.
And can you believe it cost just under £2 - gotta love Primark!


  1. A perfect piece of festive sparkle.
    Hope you had a fab evening.
    Lisa x

  2. I would like to have seen the whole outfit!

    1. I only have a group photo I'm afraid and the "Audrey Hepburn" look I was going for got slightly ruined by being cought in a torrential downpour! I'm not good at having my own photo taken, I usually do the taking.

  3. Holy heck - that ring is delectable. I cannot believe the price, thought you were going to say it was a family heirloom. You have pretty hands, I love rings but am afeared of them because of my potato fingers. We need to see the rest of your outfit now!

  4. Love the ring - and hope your night out was fun!

  5. That is a gorgeous ring! You just can't go wrong with Primark sometimes!

    Victoria xx

  6. Thank you for calling in - I am just coming round to admire your expensive ring and nab a mince pie before they all run out!
    Best wishes for the festive season

  7. I love your blog header photo....makes me smile. As for the ring? well, just gorgeous......