Sunday, 4 November 2012

We're back!

Well we're back home, all five of us, all in one piece so it can't have been too bad!

We only arrived home this afternoon so I'm still jet lagged and up to my eyes in washing, I will compile a holiday post, for what has to be the most eventful trip we've ever had, in the next few days - boy was it eventful!

But while we were away I realised in my last post I didn't mention our last holiday (before this one) in 2011, which had a story all of it's own....

2010 was quite a trying year for us with the recession having quite an impact on the builders business and we were all a bit frazzled as we approached the autumn. The builder had a big birthday approaching so I took it upon myself to book a holiday in secret, I have a friend who's a travel agent and she helped me sort it all out. I chose a 10 day trip to the Red Sea coast of Egypt, we all love to swim in the sea, we all snorkel a lot and some enjoy diving. We'd been to the Red Sea once before when I was pregnant with Little Miss ( a holiday punctuated by my travel/pregnancy sickness - I was car sick, plane sick, coach sick and sea sick!) But we loved it there - only a 5 hour flight from the UK and it has every thing we look for in a holiday.

I arranged time off school for the children, trips, parking - everything we needed. And on the BIG birthday morning, December 1st, we presented him with the envelope - the children didn't really know what Dad's present was so there was a lot of excitement.

Our holiday was at a lovely resort with a huge pier (jetty) out into the sea to make snorkeling and diving easier.

We were to be right next to the coral reefs so we didn't have to hire a boat to dive - unless we wanted to.

Everyone went off to school and work very excited that in only 8 weeks we'd be diving with Nemo and his friends.

Later that morning I had a 'phone call from the builder - had I heard the BBC news? What was the resort we were going to? My answers were No and Sharm El Sheik.

Do you remember the news in December 2010? It took up pages in the newspapers and was all over the internet........ 4 people had been attacked by a rogue shark in the Red Sea.... where exactly? Sharm El Sheik!! The scaremongering went on for quite a while in the UK press which didn't help.

This is par for the course with our holidays and needless to say we had a nervous time in the sea, well I did; number 2 son thought it was far more exciting potentially swimming with a  man eating shark that a few colourful fishes!

Maybe we did tempt fate a bit though...... this is where we chose to dive.....

(Not our actual photo, it seems to be missing so I've borrowed this from the web.)

Anyway we did have a lovely time and as it turned out it was quite uneventful, thank God!
I'll be back soon with "Holiday Fiasco 2012"!



  1. Welcome back, look forward to hearing about your eventful holiday! It sounds as if it might be another of your famous holidays!
    I wouldn't have like swimming in the water on your last holiday either.
    Sarah x

  2. Welcome back from holiday! Been a while now since I commented last, but I am back. Judging by the title you have given your holiday now, it seems it was not without problems. I hope everyone is okay and that you had some nice time as well though. Take care!

  3. I forgot to add that I have linked to you now on my blog :)

  4. I'm almost scared to read the next installment of "Holiday Fiasco 2012" - what on earth else can have gone wrong for you that hasn't alrady happened?!? Remind me never to book a holiday to the same place that you're going!

    1. Best advice is that when we book a holiday, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

  5. Whaaoh, you guys are real thrill seekers! Super storms and man-eating sharks, we just have the whiney grumpy kids disasters - you get double points for wresting with the worst of nature!

    1. I am definitely no thrill seeker Jody - my ideal holiday is sun, sea, pool, book! Thrills just seem to seek me!