Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A litle project

I don't often do crafty things so this will be a rare post from me
but I'm pleased with the results so thought I'd share them.
That and the fact that cricket matches have ended and we spent most of the weekend
at home DIY ing so there's not much else to tell!
We've had this little Lloyd Loom cabinet for a couple of years and I've been building up
 to giving it a makeover.

I didn't use anything special, I'm sure a spray gun would have been better but I used white undercoat put on with a thick brush and then an eggshell finish in antique white. I added a small faceted crystal knob as the original was missing. I like the plain & neutral look of it for the moment, most of the house is being repainted off-white after years of a riot of colour. (the previous bedroom was tangerine!)

I'm not certain where it will end up but I thought it may be useful next to the bath in our en-suite. Picture tall glass of wine and a good book.....

I really ought to "style" my photos better!
You can just make out the corner of my beloved claw footed bath on the picture. I have wanted one forever and when we originally renovated our dilapidated house my husband refused as he didn't want a cast iron bath; he thought it would be too cold! Bear in mind we were living in a caravan in the garden at the time and heat was something we were very short of!

Anyway we originally had an en-suite but around 8 years ago it was lost due to a bedroom being added to the back of the house. But as we already had planning permission for the extension on the side it was certain we'd eventually gain a new bedroom for ourselves with an en-suite. Over the years I had managed to pursuede the builder that a cast iron claw foot bath was really the only thing I ever wanted (stupidly he believed me!). Anyway a bath in good condition came up in London (just over 2 hours drive away) on ebay and I won it, can't remember what the price was in the end but not too expensive (if you don't count the day off work for 2 men and all the diesel there and back!). I loved it when it arrived although it was navy blue and gold, however the building work wasn't quite finished so we stood it in the garage where I'd go to admire it once in a while.

And as you may expect, there it stood for over 5 years, that's how quickly the extension got finished! It is now in situ, as is the basin and loo and looks gorgeous in it's new duck egg blue and on the stripped wood floor.

Just be careful if you pop round though please don't turn a tap on or use the loo, they've not been plumbed in yet!! Well you can't rush these things.....


  1. That's beautiful. What a transformation. You must be as pleased as punch with it!

  2. Love the colour of the bath. Enjoy! (when it's been plumbed in!)

  3. I'll make sure i go before I get there then! x

  4. Lovely makeover! Love your bath ... I have one too, given to me for nothing by a lovely friend ... mine is red at the moment but want to have a bathroom makeover so may go for Annie Sloan Antoinette ... hope you get plumbed in soon! xxx

  5. Love what you have done with the cabinet, it looks really good, the crystal handle is just the perfect touch.
    Hope you get to enjoy all the bathroom has to offer soon!
    Lisa x

  6. I love roll top baths. To think that people years ago used to throw them out! Enjoy a soak once you're plumbed in!

  7. Hey Jay what a wonderful makeover well done I am glad you managed to fit a little creativity into this week. I love your bath too. :) Tracy x

  8. Great transformation. Hope you soon get to have a long hot soak in the bubbles.

  9. ooh!! Would love to see a full view of the bathtub!!

  10. Hi Jay,
    I love your transformation of the cabinet and the colour of your roll top bath. I'm not very patient and would find it so difficult to wait over 5 years to use it! How is your son settling into sixth form?
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah - I'm not patient sometimes the wait does cause a few tense words! Son is doing well, quite a workload though but seems to be enjoying it. Thanks for asking, have a lovely weekend. x

  11. The cabinet looks fab - good choice of colour and I love your bath - deeply envious!

  12. That turned out adorable...I could think of lots of things to stuff in it.....from my bathroom!

  13. You have made an nice job of the Lloyd Loom piece. Love the colour of your bath.