Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back on the treadmill

I'm back from my few days away with a girlfriend, well I've actually been back a while now I don't want to give the impression we were away for nearly two weeks -
however fabulous that would be!
Every January we go for 3 nights (and nearly 4 days if we stretch it to capacity) and it is wonderful. We have discussed the optimum time for a pampering break and my friend, who lives a very adult life, not too short of cash and with only one child who flew the nest many years ago, feels that 3 nights is just perfect. I on the other hand am lobbying for a 3 week break!

We left home on Tuesday after the school run and leisurely drove to the bypass (about 10 miles), where we stopped for coffee! Then on to a hotel, (very gorgeous hotel) for lunch, and then on to our spa (now known as our "secure unit") In previous years we've changed the set routine at the spa to suit us and arrived in time for lunch, however this year we were informed that if we arrived before the 3pm check in we would be charged an additional £75, and that wouldn't include the lunch!!

On arrival at the asylum spa and donned dressing gowns as quick as a flash; that is the only time I ever move as-quick-as-a-flash! From there on in it was a short break filled with reading, quiet rooms, prosecco in tumblers (in the bedroom), fab food, saunas and massages - along with heaps of chatter!
 A wonderful time, and on the third day we booked our 2015 break, something to look forward to for next year, whatever this year throws at me I know there is something lovely planned
 (...must start saving....)
We started talking about a spa break around 25 years ago, my friend was a young mum with a toddler and I was unmarried (although living with my boyfriend) and working hard to pay the mortgage on our first house. I think we even got as far as getting a brochure (no internet then) but the prices were far beyond our reach, maybe one day we said.
Well the years rolled by and I got married, she made my wedding dress and both she and her daughter accompanied me up the aisle as bridesmaids, life moved on and 3 children arrived for me (much to everyone's surprise, including me).
Then when Little Miss was 8 months old The Builder surprised me with a couple of days away, but not with him (he knows what I like!). I was told to pack for 2 nights away and wait to be picked up the following day. I phoned my friend in a panic, he doesn't seem to realise that we may have a problem, I'm still fully breast feeding the baby!
She calmed me down but denied all knowledge of the trip. The next morning as I waited with my overnight bag she arrived to pick me up,
she'd planned the whole thing with the Builder and off we went.
He had to try to feed the baby with formula and a bottle! I spent a good few hours at the hotel hiding in the bathroom with a breast pump, those melons needing deflating regularly! I was a little sad that the whole trip spelled the end of feeding the baby myself, I knew she was my last and I'd struggled to feed the two boys but I did start to feel human again.
We said "we must do this again" and over the past 10 year I think we've been away about 7 times, only for 2 or 3 days at a time but I love it so much, quality time with a good friend is worth a lot.
So now I'm home and back to work and the daily routine which just now seems full of mock A level exams, some GCSE exams, the usual school stuff and lots and lots of indoor cricket. Both boys belong to 2 cricket training groups which operate on alternate Sunday evenings, they also play (with The Builder) in a Sunday morning indoor league so lazy Sundays just don't happen in this house. That's on top of the club training sessions and number 1 son's coaching course and all the pre season County training and meetings. Oh I do love cricket.......
On top of that The Builder is nearing the end of a big project which means we have no money, we will have in due course but right now we have ZERO,
so that would be a great time to go on holiday right?
The next few weeks see 2 school trips to get organised for, quite exciting but also a worry given our past experiences - you have to read back to understand why I worry so much.
And as we're split into 3 groups I will worry more as it's one thing encountering a series of disasters as a family but quite another when you're all apart!
Number 1 son is off on a college trip to New York and Washington on February 12th, for 5 days to study politics and history.
He's just a politics student but by the looks of the itinerary they have plenty of free time to wander round and get lost! He has certainly inherited from me the wandering off gene, so gawd help us! On February 13th number 2 son goes off to Sri Lanka on a cricket (surprise surprise!) tour with his school for 10 days, and we've opted to go along.
So for the first time in a very long time we've booked a holiday (to shadow the tour) for 2 adults 1 child - oh how easy that will be!
However we're away for 10 days leaving number 1 son home alone for 5 days- unless he invites friends to stay - oh crikey it gets worse! Party central.......
So I still have airport parking, visas, money (we have none) insurance etc etc to arrange as well as go to work and try to keep this house in order, it's just not going to run smoothly of that I am sure.
So just to reiterate that, and if you haven't read the previous holiday disaster posts, please avoid Sri Lanka for those dates, actually avoid it for the whole of February to be on the safe side! Apologies in advance if you've already booked......


  1. I remember your girly trip from last year, has it really been another whole year since then!? Amazing! Sounds like you had a ball, good on you. Such a great and healthy thing to do. It's busy in your household. Kids staying at home alone? I can't imagine being at that point - seems like yesterday I was doing the same thing and getting up to a lot of mischief too....Good luck with all of the organising :-) Mel x

    1. I know Mel, the year has whizzed by - and I don't want to hear about potential mischief!

  2. Your spa break sounds wonderful. I've only done day ones; to stay over sounds divine !
    What a lovely thing to do x

  3. Sounded like a fabulous weekend and such a good idea to book for the next year whilst you're still there. x

  4. Sounds like a great little vacation. So your son who studies politics is going to Washington DC, is that so he can see how politics don't work? Sri Lanka, oh my, that does sound good.

    1. Ha ha told him what you've said about US politics!

  5. How lucky are you, Jay....3 days away with your BBF!! I am *jealous*...
    Good luck with your other trips...
    Will look forward to reading about them...
    I do enjoy your style♥️

    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you Linda, I really appreciate that. X

  6. Your break with a friend sounds fantastic, but I see what you mean about previous holiday events! You have a busy time coming up, I do hope it all goes smoothly. For a moment I thought you meant that the indoor cricket was in your living room. I have a bit of indoor football in mine, despite the fact that it's strictly forbidden.

    1. There certainly is a lot of indoor cricket in the house, whenever anything gets broken there's always a cry of 'dad did it'!

  7. I hear it's super cold in New York at the moment. Sri Lanka sounds a bit more pleasant at this time of year. Your break sounds lovely - just the right thing to do in January! x

  8. Have cancelled my trip to Sri Lanka.... :-)
    Your spa break sounds blissful, well deserved it was too.

  9. Love this story of you and your friend, those old friends are the best aren't they? You can just slip into the old conversations with ease and have a good old chortle. (And doesn't reality just hit you hard as soon as you walk in the door!!!). Plus don't kids get awesome field trip these days? We were lucky to go down to the pond to look at the bugs.

  10. Spas are always cool and welcome respites from a day's work or a month's routine. Best of all, not only can they be leisure, but they can substantively add to the maintenance and conditioning of one's health, so you really get a lot out of it. That is always welcome.

    Leena @ H2O Spas

  11. Oh wow! you'll have a fantastic time! Don't worry about leaving a teenager at home - he's probably much more sensible than you think. We left our son alone for a week when he flew home from Canada earlier than us because of his summer job and he was quite bored without us!

  12. I remember your spa break from last year it must be great to do it each year! Hope your holiday includes less adventures! Sarah x

  13. As always your posts do make me smile! Fingers crossed for event-free trips for all of you. Sri Lanka is a wonderful country, I do hope you have a fantastic (and safe) holiday. x

  14. As always your posts do make me smile! Fingers crossed for event-free trips for all of you. Sri Lanka is a wonderful country, I do hope you have a fantastic (and safe) holiday. x

  15. So pleased you managed to get away with your friend and had such a wonderful spa break.
    Wow to all the holiday/trips coming up!
    I hope everyone has a really fabulous time.
    Bon voyage!
    Lisa x

  16. You are so smart to cling to your girlfriend getaway as a tradition. It sounds absolutely lovely.
    Holy travel in your family's future!
    "Secure unit." That's a good one--must remember it!

  17. All of that sounds amazingly glamorous and exciting - well done you! x